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Bell HD PVR receiver - 9241 model
  • Record up to 150 Hours in HD
  • Watch your favourite show while recording two more
  • Easy recording
  • Record one episode or set recordings for an entire TV series

HD receiver

Bell HD receiver - 6400 model
FREE HD (Rental) or $7 off rental HDPVR
FREE Installation for the first 3 receivers
FREE Movies for the first 2 months
$27.00 off any programming package for the first 3 months
$49.95 one time activation fee on first month bil

The Hotshot brand heaters are an exclusive patented invention Perfect 10. Our heaters have been offered for over 13 years and are used by many thousands of dish owners in snowy climates to aid reception when the weather gets testy.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe low-voltage 24 VAC heater
  • Does not require hiring a licensed electrician for installation
  • Automatic thermostat turns 'on' just above freezing temperatures and 'off' when the dish surface warms up
  • Durable Vinyl material lasts a long time
  • Etched foil resistance heating element
  • Multiple heat zones apply the maximum heat where it's needed most
  • 3M Acrylic adhesive assures a tight bond to the antenna
  • Conforms to the reflector curves and angles
  • One hundred feet of electrical cable provided
  • Heavy-duty wire-wound power transformer provided
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